KIDS Audience & METAVERSE – The latest trend in virtual reality.

The 2020s media buzzword is ‘metaverse’. Or is it ‘Mediaverse’? ‘Multiverse’? Whichever… what does it mean and is there a place for television?

This white paper offers an overview of what kids audience is experiencing today through various gaming platforms, and what the next phenomenon reshaping the future could be.

According to David Baszucki, CEO and Founder of Roblox, The metaverse is arguably as big a shift in online communications as the telephone or the internet.

Discover several key features about Kids audience & metaverse :

  • What is the Metaverse?
  • The seven commonly-recognised characteristics of a Metaverse
  • What does Metaverse mean for children and teens?
  • Roblox – Proto-Metaverse
  • How brands originating in television can find their place in the Metaverse
  • How media owners and content creators can be “Metaverse Ready”

Dubit Trends asked kids 2-15 in five countries to list their favourite things at that moment. They named over 1,600 distinct brands. That’s kids’ ‘Mediaverse’ and it’s evolving into a global, immersive ‘Metaverse’ – a space to play, watch, socialize, learn, shop and more. Most important, in the metaverse kids are co-creating the worlds and narratives.

To forecast where we’re going, we need to understand young people’s current relationship with brands, including their desire to engage across all platforms. Everything competes with everything and they decide where they can best fulfil their needs in the moment: game or video; tablet, smartphone or TV; alone or social; consuming or creating.

Dubit’s Adam Woodgate explores where the youth audience is now, where they’re headed, and how to be ‘Metaverse ready’.

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