Battle Studies: News from the Frontlines of the Streaming Wars in Europe

The entertainment landscape in Europe has never been as competitive as it is today. With a rigorous study of content supply and audience demand, MIPCOM and Parrot Analytics offer you an exclusive report that brings transparency to how audiences preferences are shifting as content offerings and new players fight for attention. Download the report and walk away with a new understanding of how to succeed and stand out as a producer, buyer, or seller of content in 2021.

Executive summary – Battle Studies: News from the Frontlines of the Streaming Wars in Europe

Amidst a rapidly changing world, the TV industry has been forced to adapt.

A growing number of platforms are competing for audience attention that continues to be stretched. Therefore, in this competitive landscape, understanding what audiences want has never been more challenging, but the potential rewards have never been greater.

Where is there whitespace opportunity in Europe ?


Download “Battle Studies: News from the Frontlines of the Streaming Wars in Europe” and discover:

  • Which content is successfully exported from Europe to the world ?
  • Where is there whitespace opportunity in Europe ?
  • Talent demand : finding the right talent to engage european audiences. What talent holds the keys ?
  • Converting Star power to high demand content
  • Market specific TV content trends from Germany/Spain/France/UK/ Sweden / Turkey including for each :
    • Which platform’s originals are most in demand ?
    • Genre preferences compare to the global average.
    • Key market-specific whitespace opportunities revealing where there is room for more content to meet undersupplied demand
    • The top 20 most in-demand new & returning series in each market

SVOD platform market demand share, genre, trends, whitespace opportunities, and top shows

This whitepaper has been co-created with Parrot Analytics exclusively for MIPCOM.
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