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Pitch:  Local adaptation of the reality format Get the Fuck Out of My House aired in the Netherlands on RTL5 and also adapted in Brazil, in which no less than 100 candidates participate in an experiment consisting in a two-month confinement within the same house. The catch: there are only four beds, one bathroom, one toilet, and a fridge with enough food for four people. How will they cope? The winner – the last one remaining in the house – can win up to €100,000.

Social media buzz:  According to the Wit Social List, the reality series was the most commented premiere of the week in social media in Germany and among the ten most commented premieres in Europe.

Premiere: Thursday, January 4, 2018
Distributor(s):  FremantleMedia International
Weekly 140-minute episodes


Pitch: Local adaptation of the format The Final Four recently launched in Russia on CTC. Singing competition in which the four superstar-quality finalists are chosen in the very first episode. Selected by top music judges, only the best will make the final four and live like VIPs from the start. But no one is safe. In every episode, talented hopefuls will try to steal a seat from one of the final four. Anyone can become a contestant at any time via submissions on the dedicated app, but only the best will be able to challenge the four finalists.

Social media buzz: According to the Wit Social List, the talent show was the second most commented premiere of the week in social media worldwide, reaching 50,000 comments on Twitter. After two episodes, the show has reached 50 000 Likes on Facebook, multiplied by two since its debut.

Premiere: Thursday, January 4, 2018
Distributor(s): Armoza Formats
12 weekly 60-minute episodes


Pitch: Game show hosted by Ricky Gervais and Fred Savage, featuring one adult contestant who must answer ten questions correctly to earn the top prize. If they answer incorrectly, the contestant has a chance to be saved by a group of five kids who have been asked the same question.

Social media buzz: According to the Wit Social List, the game show was among the most commented premiere of the week in social media in the US.

Premiere: Friday, January 5, 2018
Distributor(s):  Banijay Rights
Weekly 60-minute episodes

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