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Pitch: Period drama series about the emergence of a new state during one of the most disruptive and terrifying periods in history. The drama is set over three weeks in Easter 1916, charting the violent birth of modern Ireland, as the Easter Rising explodes into life and announces the beginning of a campaign for independence that will take seven years to resolve. Also slated to air in the US on Sundance TV. Season 2 already in development.

Social media buzz: According to the witspottER analytics, the period drama was the second most commented drama premiere of the week in social media in Europe. Trended #1 on Twitter in Ireland during its transmission.

Premiere: Sunday, January 3, 2016
Distributor: Zodiak Rights
5 weekly 60-minute episodes


Pitch: Weight loss contest that pits five diet experts and their weight loss plans against each other. The contestants live in their own homes for the duration of the show, testing their chosen plans whilst juggling the day-to-day challenges of real life. The experts check in with them once a day to help them follow the regime. Each episode the contestants participate in a fitness challenge to measure their progress based on their weight loss goals. At the end of the series the contestants must complete a half marathon in order to qualify for the final weigh in, testing if the diet plans are good for both weight-loss and fitness.

Social media buzz: According to the witspottER analytics, the contest was among the top ten most commented premieres of the week in social media in the US.

Premiere: Thursday, January 7, 2016
Distributor: Red Arrow International
8 weekly 60-minute episodes


Pitch: Factual entertainment series where celebrities and their children as they dive into the recent past of the late 20th century to rediscover and discuss such popular technologies and cultural artifacts as the 35mm camera, lo-fi video games, Walkmans and VHS players – all of which have been largely forgotten over time.

Social media buzz: According to the witspottER analytics, the factual entertainment series was among the most commented premieres of the week in social media in the UK.

Premiere: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Distributor: All3Media International
3 weekly 60-minute episodes

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