The Wit List is a monthly selection by The Wit of 3 fresh, innovative and entertaining shows from around the world with highest social media buzz, made just for the MIPTV-MIPCOM community.


Pitch: Dance competition show in which five celebrities pair up with their better half, family member or showbiz colleague, to give dance performances. The couples perform both duo and solo acts, using the original choreography of famous hit songs. The latest technology, such as video mapping and augmented reality, is used to create state of the art acts to mimic the look and feel of the original music video.

Social media buzz: According to the witspottER analytics, the talent contest ranked among the 10 most commented premieres of the week in social media in Europe, reaching 4 591 social comments. After the airing of the first episode, the number of Facebook Likes increased by 192% and the number of Twitter Followers increased by 58%. The app, extending the viewing experience across multiple screens, was the second most downloaded app in the app store.

Premiere: Saturday 5 September 2015
Distributor: Talpa Global
6 weekly 150-minute episodes


Pitch: Adventure game show where couples battle out in an 8 week race across the nation. Each week, 3 running couples (the 2 winning couples from the previous week + 1 new couple) try to stay one step ahead of 4 celebrity trackers whose goal is to track and tag the runners by capturing them on camera.

Social media buzz: : According to the witspottER analytics, the game show was the most commented premiere of the week in social media in Sweden. After the airing of the first three episodes, the number of Facebook Likes increased by 273%.

Premiere: Saturday 22 August 2015
Distributor: Elk Entertainment
8 weekly 90-minute episodes

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