Original content is the key. So everybody says. OTT networks spend billions to produce this so precious “original” content and short-form platforms also already invested millions to create “original” web series. But in the same time, there are more and more high quality independent productions available for distribution and today any streaming channel can easily acquire dozens of stunning short series every year. The problem is to find them. As there is no real market yet and only a few international distributors for short-form scripted content, a large proportion of the hundreds of web series produced each year is almost invisible, sometimes even impossible to discover.

The Web Series World Cup (WSWC) was created in 2015 to highlight and promote the most remarkable web series of the moment. With a circuit of 21 webfests around the World, the WSWC is an efficient way to keep track of emerging talents and original concepts. But the competition can only show programs already released and often already signed for distribution. This is why I decided this year to change a bit my MIPTV “Best of short-form content” presentation in order to showcase short digital series that are not yet or have just been released, available for distribution or streaming. I already received many requests for a transcript or abstract so here’s a short introduction to four of the eight shows I presented during this third WSWC Cannes showcase.


The Web Series World Cup already revealed many talents during its three first seasons but there is one in particular who rose from the immensity of the web. It’s Uruguayan Gaston Armagno. After Ecuela de Canotaje and El maravillose parque Hoolister, Gaston Arnagno continues to explore his strongest genre: dark comedy in sitcom settings. His new creation: “Hotel Romanov”, just started streaming on Argentina UN3TV channel and is available for all other territories. The story tells how Isabella, a young failed real estate agent and her best friend Dinora find in a “stroke of luck” a booklet with a prize: a stay at a beautiful hotel called “Hotel Romanov”. What they do not know is that the people who work in that hotel have more than a plan for this two. Below is the trailer.

Production: gastonarmagno@gmail.com


Latin America is indeed the territory where you find today the most audacious concepts, stories and treatments. “Selección Natural” (Natural Selection) comes from Colombia. It’s a thriller addressing a very hot topic: the violence toward the LGBT community. The murder of Madorilyn Crawford, a famous transsexual causes a protest lead by the LGBTI community that jeopardizes the prosecution’s moral duty. Guillermo is the responsible prosecutor who must solve the case and fight against the prejudices of an entire country. Below is the trailer.

Production: crew@helenafilms.co


This is without a doubt the funniest puppet show ever produced for the web. It’s geek, crazy, biting, it’s fast paced, anarchic and visually stunning. This series takes a crashing, nerdy joyride through today’s popular culture. It’s a show with a large international target audience and great branding value. There are already dozens of episodes available and many more ready to produce. Below is a presentation.

Production: axel@lumatik.de


To bring short-form content to the mobile users crowd, there is still a lot to experiment and to invent. One of the key to reach this connected audience could be creating connections with other successful cultures of the web like videogame. “7 Peas” is the new project from the team that brought us the refreshing and original “Supa Supa” last year and it’s a perfect illustration of a fiction connecting with the game universe. This will be the story of a rivalry between a brother and a sister who are fighting via their toys. Below is not a trailer but a demo as the series is actually in development and still looking for coproduction or sales.

Production: hugo@vastbemess.com

I will be back soon to introduce to more exclusive short-form content and market opportunities. Meanwhile, you know where to find me…

Joel Bassaget (jbassaget@gmail.com)

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Joël Bassaget lives in Berlin and has been writing scripts for television since 1990. As a scripted short-form expert and consultant, he observes, analyzes, criticizes, studies and catalogs this particular format, offering his expertise to online platforms and content producers. In 2015, he founded the Web Series World Cup.

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