Until a decade ago, TV networks filled their schedules with localised versions of global hits. Today, some international TV successes began life as domestic shows made in the local language, set in the local culture and targeted at the local audience. In this exclusive white paper, Juliana Koranteng, editor-in-chief of business journal MediaTainment Finance, tracks this fast growing local-to-global trend injecting new life in international production and distribution.

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MediaTainment Finance is the only business journal that covers investments in the international media, entertainment and creative industries. It is published by JayKay Media Inc (www.jaykaymediainc.com), the London-based media consultancy and publishing house that focuses on the international media, entertainment and creative sectors. JayKay Media Inc also owns TechMutiny (www.techmutiny.net), the news resources that examines the impact of technology on the media, entertainment and creative businesses. The findings of both publications and their Insights surveys have been reported in international business publications like Forbes and Bloomberg. JayKay Media Inc also offers stock and design photography services.

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