This series of “Great Stories start at MIP” is a set of inspiring success stories that have happened to MIP Markets’ participants. In their interview, they reflect on their journey, their outcomes and give tips and anecdots to make the best out of MIP. Watch now!

Great Stories Start at MIP – with Mark Media

Jason Loftus, CEO & Executive Producer at Mark Media (Canada) reflects on his first participation at MIP which was last minute and rather out of curiosity. It turned out very well for him: he randomly met buyers who took interest in their series of animated shorts, still at the pilot stage, and closed the deal over the week-end. Since then, sensational growth for Mark Media: from under 10 people to 65 full-time people working in documentaries, docu series, kids, interactive, digital and VR.
“My first experience at MIP stucked with me and showed me the value of being at an international market” – Jason Loftus

Great Stories Start at MIP – with Okuhle Media

Louise first came to MIP in 2006 as a local producer from South Africa. Thanks to all the knowledge she acquired attending to the conferences, her company has been chosen to produce a youth interactive TV show called “Hectic Nine 9”. And today, it has 2,5 million viewers a day! This incredible success story has also helped Okuhle Media’s impressive growth: from 5 women to 96 employees and lots of shows created and distributed all around the world!
“We would never ever be able to grow the way we have if we just stayed a local producer in South Africa” – Louise McClelland, Chief Creative Officer, Okuhle Media.
ERRATUM: Louise McClelland meant to say that “Hectic Nine 9” has 2,5 million viewers per day and not 250 million.

Great Stories Start at MIP – with Armoza Formats

“MIP has played a major role in our growth and the growth of the format business in Israel” – Avi Armoza, CEO & Founder of Armoza Formats.
10 years ago, Avi came to MIP Markets for the first time, by himself, selling 1 format. This year, there are 20 people from his team selling 85 formats at a huge stand! In 10 years, Armoza has become one of the leading independent players in the international content market and a key distributor of global content, selling formats in more than 35 countries.
In this exclusive interview, Avi reflects on his inspiring success story thanks to his participation to MIP Markets.

Great Stories Start at MIP – with Mirsand

Distributor Mirsand’ success story began in Russia, when MIP nominated the 3D children’s animated series “Alisa Knows What To Do”, produced by Bazelevs, as the Russian project with highest international potential. Thanks to Mirsand’s attendance to MIP Markets last year, “Alisa Knows What To Do” has been sold to North America, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Poland, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Israel, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and negotiations for other territories are ongoing.
“MIPJunior, for us, is the perfect opportunity to announce our new projects !” – Valeria Dobroluybova, Head of Sales, Mirsand, Russia.

Great Stories Start at MIP – with Global Agency

In just a few  years, Global Agency has become one of the fastest-growing distributors in the TV industry. Discover how its CEO Izzet Pinto used MIPTV & MIPCOM to become one of the leading  distributors in the world who exports  programs in more than 100 countries.

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