A new generation of video entertainment, featuring high-end professionally made digital-first and mobile-first serialised content, is emerging. Traditionally, single, one-off short films and trailers have been used to promote tentpole movies or TV shows online and on social media. Now, original, standalone short episodic stories are being produced by all types of talent and media creators worldwide for digital natives, including Millennials and Gen Z viewers. They have grown up watching videos on a variety of digital devices, including tablets and smartphones. But after more than a decade of being served amateurs’ user-generated content, they now have access to first-class video snacks that are self-contained businesses in their own right.

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In response, several next-generation digital platforms, from Facebook Watch to Snapchat, are not only providing services where viewers can find these new forms of productions, they are also investing in or co-producing their own intellectual properties. Instagram, said to be a favourite among advertisers targeting Millennials, has launched its own IGTV network to carry a growing portfolio of short-form series.

Moreover, several legacy media corporations and digital-media ventures are embracing short-form videos. They range from UK-based Vertical Networks and France’s Blackpills to global TV operations that include Viacom Inc, NBCUniversal, India’s TATA Sky as well as print-media publishers like US giant Meredith Corporation. Then, to confirm that this trend will not be a short-lived fad, Hollywood mogul and former DreamWorks Animation co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg has raised US$1bn-plus to launch Quibi in 2020. It promises to be the first international original mobile-first premium content service.

These developments are set to overhaul the future definition of what video entertainment is. And you can learn much more about that evolution in What Next-Gen Creators Need To Know – Serialised Mobile Videos, an exclusive MIPTV White Paper produced by international business journal MediaTainment Finance.

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