“Thank you MIPTV”

From Martín Velasco, Spanish producer who has signed his first deals at Digital MIPTV 2021

I can say today that I am a TV factuals producer but a few months ago this was a real fantasy to me. Thank you MIPTV I managed to make my dream come true. Do you want to know how?

Pandemic and crisis 

When the pandemic broke out, I stopped working as a cameraman… Everything suddenly stopped. But I saw it as an opportunity. I got together with Javier Brichetto and Miguel Zorita and told them my plan. With Javier I shooted a series on barbecue (A Morfar!), and with Miguel a series of the History of Madrid (Outdoors Itineraries). I also made a documentary about the flee market Rastro de Madrid (Just El Rastro).

Little by little, after some long productive days of shooting and editing, I was able to shape the formats and thus offer them to TV channels from Spain. They received them fine enough but did not show too much enthusiasm.

For a moment I felt blocked…If the local channels wouldn’t purchase my shows, who would?

The place to be

As soon as I found out that MIPTV was being held this year in digital format, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. It was the place I wanted to be: buyers and distributors from all over the world meet at the most important international TV market in the world and I could attend this time. Eureka!

MIPTV attendees really liked my shows and everything was very easy. I thought I had to attend hard meetings but it was not like that at all. I had so many video meetings that sometimes I didn’t remember what language the next one would be in. For me, MIPTV has been like doing an accelerated master’s degree in factual pitching.

Thank you MIPTV : Meetings & deals done

There were more than 30 meetings in less than one month. I have connected with several distributors from around the world and finally we have signed an agreement with Ananda Media (France) and A Tall Order (USA) for the distribution of A Morfar! and Outdoors itineraries. The good thing is that now they are in charge of selling them I can concentrate on continuing to produce more quality factuals.

It is my wish to attend personally to these meetings in Cancun and Cannes…but I really depend on how the sale of A Morfar! and Itineraries goes. For now, I confirm that MVB Producciones.com is now a reality in the field of content creators for TV thanks to MIPTV and that makes me very happy.


This message has been written by Martín Velasco, Producer from MVB Producciones.com, Spain. who managed to enter the international TV market thanks to his participation in MIPTV.


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MIPTV and MIPCOM are the world’s most important global markets for the TV and digital media industry. They are the key events for buying and selling, financing and distributing programmes in all genres, on all platforms. Together, every 6 months, they form the annual landmark events of the entertainment calendar, attracting key industry executives, thought-leaders and creative talent from the entire content spectrum to negotiate deals, network and gain insight. MIPTV and MIPCOM respectively take place every Apriland October in Cannes, France.

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